A Different Kind Of Therapist

Sophia is a different kind of therapist, as her patient Rion soon learns. She has noticed Rion coming to the office early and watching her change. He explains that she just has amazing tits and he wants to look at them. Sophia has decided to show Rion her boobs so he can understand they’re just tits. As part of the exercise, Rion asks to touch them and lick the nipples. Sophia is instantly horny, which means that Rion gets so much more than he was expecting from his cougar therapist. She tells him that for the next part of her experiment he’ll have to take his dick out and put it in her pussy. First, though, Sophia indulges in a nice blowjob and then instructs Rion to eat her pussy. Rion is eager to shove it into Sophia’s juicy twat when she insists. That feels great, but Sophia is obviously loving it even more as she gets on her knees to let Rion do her in doggy.